The Greatest Gift, Remembered

I’m haven’t really had a chance to write in a while.  I apologize for that, but life happens.  But I was thinking about this week and the coming Easter holiday, and decided that there is no better time or subject to write about.

When thinking about God, I sometimes follow a particular train of thought that helps me put things in perspective.  Do you know those websites or apps that compare the size of objects in space?  It starts by comparing the size of the Earth to the moon and the closer planets.  Then you scroll out and compares the size of the Earth to the outer planets.  Then it compares Jupiter to the Sun.  Then goes on to compare the size of various stars that make our sun look tiny.  After the stars it shows nebulas, galaxies and galaxy clusters, and eventually it shows the known universe.  It really is an awesome thing to see, and it humbles you.  It really shows how insignificant and small we really are in this great big universe.  But that is just the creation.  I then expand my feeling of awe when I think of the One that created it all.  He, being not bound by His vast creation, and is omnipresent, is bigger still than all of it.  Bigger in more ways than we can comprehend.  The power He has to create it all is baffling, yet it is all done at the mere command of His voice.  As I meditate on these things, I truly get a sense of just how awesome God is.  Even so, I acknowledge that itself as an understatement.

After I have put creation in proper perspective, I move on to God’s interaction with His creation.  I think of how we will swat a fly with out a second thought, because a house fly seems so insignificant to us.  It’s very lifespan is nothing compared ours.  Then I remember our little spec of existence in creation, and the vapor in the wind that our lives are.  God could look at us like we do flies.  And as the Creator, He has every authority to “swat” us as He pleases.  But what does He do instead?

Picture God in His position of greatness over all of creation.  Now He willingly stepped out of that position, to take on the insignificant human form, as Jesus, on our tiny spec of a planet.  God Almighty, the Great I AM, the Creator of that huge vast universe we spoke of earlier, got down on His knees in human form and washed the feet of His followers.  This being considered at that time a base task for the lowliest of servants.  Think about that a moment before continuing.

Jesus then willingly let Himself be beaten, insulted, shamed, and executed.  Executed by one of the most sadistic methods mankind has ever concocted.  He lived a perfect life.  He did no wrong.  Consider that next time you say life is unfair.  And in that moment in time, He was looking up and down the corridor of time and taking all of our sins and accepting the punishment for them.  He had our names on His mind.  He was thinking of His followers.  He was thinking of me.  He was thinking of you.  For God so loved YOU that He sent His Son, so that if YOU believed in Him YOU would not perish.  Because if we do not accept His sacrifice, then we ourselves must bear the punishment for our own iniquities.  And we do not possess the power over death and therefore cannot conquer it.

Think about the vastness of the known universe.  Think about the greatness of the Creator of that universe.  And remember this Sunday just how small He willingly made Himself, and what He subjected Himself to.  All because He loved us.  He loved us not because of what could become, but He loved us in our sinful state.  Because it is in our sinful state that He first calls to us.

The words here really do not do justice to what I feel when I follow this train of thought.  Awestruck wonder seems to fall short of the mark.  This week, I will remember how Jesus loved such a small insignificant spec in His creation enough to become human and experience a painful death so that I might live.  How will you remember Him this week?