Letting In Refugees

[Author’s Note:  If you disagree with my opening statements, that’s okay.  Please read the post in its entirety before dismissing what I have to say.]

Allowing Muslim refugees into the country is a hot button issue lately.  Can we trust them?  Should we open our doors knowing that there may be wolves among the sheep?  It is a dangerous game.  I’ll admit, I lean conservative on almost all of my views.  And I think that anyone who is allowed within our own boarders needs to be scrutinized and looked at under a microscope before just letting them in.  Being cautious is wise, not intolerant.  The leaders of America have a duty to the safety and wellbeing of Americans first.  All others are secondary.  But let us say we let in the Muslim refugees.  Should we give them free run of our streets?  I don’t think so.  Should they be put up in five-star hotels at the expense of tax payers?  I don’t think so either.  If we are to allow them in, they should be placed in some type of camps where they can be watched. Their basic needs should be provided.  Shelter with heat and air, clean water, and food.  If they choose to live in the US permanently, well there’s a process for that.  And the resources for that process should be made available to them.  Should they begin the path to citizenship, then as a nation of immigrants I think we could welcome them as such.  But if in the name of tolerance, which the liberal left is screaming, why is there so much going around about the Christians from the Middle East that are being denied asylum in the US?  Where is the cry for tolerance on their behalf?  Isn’t it extremely hypocritical to deny one group but blindly cater to another group in the name of tolerance?  In fact if tolerance is the battle cry here, why should it matter what their religion or nationality or ethnicity is?  That shouldn’t even be a factor.  The needs of the people asking for help should be the only factor.  Acknowledging the differences of any two groups and not treating the same is not practicing tolerance.  It is promoting segregation and discrimination.  Haven’t we grown past that?  Aren’t we better than that now? Apparently not.  So in my humble opinion, if we can’t offer the same asylum to every group asking for help, I don’t think we should offer it to any group.  At the very least we’d be treating them the same.

But let’s say I deny my own humble opinion, and look at the situation as a Christian through a Biblical lens.  How might that change my outlook on this scenario?  I’ve thought a lot on the matter.  Yes, there is danger in letting outsiders in.  There very well could be wolves among the sheep.  And I believe that there are.  But those of us that are conservatives who claim to hold to our Christian values, what are we to do about that?  I look at all the stories where good Christian families have opened their homes to strangers.  They’ve allowed former convicts to stay in their homes.  They foster troubled children and treat them as their own children.  And they didn’t do this without fear.  There were dangers.  But they were obedient to God.  And God has moved in the lives of those opening their homes, as well as those who were welcomed with open arms.  How should that inspire us on a national level?  And what does the Bible say about such things?

Hebrews 13:2  –  Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Romans 12:20,21  –  To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

These, just to name two passages.  If you claim to hold Christian values then you cannot deny that we are called to offer aide to those in need, even if our enemies are among them.  That is not saying that we should trust them blindly.  We should be wise and take precaution, because we are obligated to protect our own.  But, we can be cautious and still help those in need.  Saul of Tarsus was once dangerous to Christians.  He tracked them down and had them executed.  Imagine the first Christian household that was asked to take in the newly blinded Saul.  From there on out we know him as Paul, one of the greatest fathers of the Church.  When we obey God, He moves and works in ways that we do not have the foresight to see.  What if among the refugees, we have another Paul in the making.  He or she might have done terrible things, and could possibly do more terrible things.  But they have the potential to do great things in the name of the True God.  We need only do our part.  I look at the refugees, and I am afraid of the bad things that could happen.  But I also look at them, and I see men and women that are created in the image of God.  I see human beings, no matter what label they give themselves.  They should be treated as such.  They are in need.  Christians of the nation, we need to walk the walk if we are going to talk the talk.  Our Christian values give us no option but to help.  This is an opportunity to share the love of God.  And in doing so we will be taking the fight to the enemy. Because those people are not the enemy.  The evil forces of this world, sin, the demons and the devil that walk among us, they are the enemy.  And I assure you that they don’t want us showing love to anyone.  They want us who call ourselves Christians to turn our backs on those in need, and they want to laugh at us and mock God when we do so.

A little bit of thought with an open Bible in hand can change your world view.  So take some time to think on these things.  We used to run to the phrase, “What would Jesus do?”  Well?  What would He do?  Are we to avoid the beaten stranger in the road because he is not one of us?  Take some time to consider just who our enemy is.  I now think, with strict precaution taken, that we should allow refugees in.  Not in the name of tolerance, but in the name of Christianity.  Because that is what I think Jesus would do. Notice I didn’t say Muslim refugees, but just refugees.  Because they are human beings that need help.  It would give us a chance to share God’s love with our fellow man.  And if we as Christians believe that they are lost because of their denial of the Christ, then we have a free opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus with them here in a way that they might not have been able to receive it in the land from which they came.

Something to think about. God Bless.