About Ever Onward

I created Ever Onward to post my thoughts on things, as well as to reach out to others.  The name has a three-fold meaning.  First, it is an encouragement and simply means to always keep moving forward, no matter what struggles you may be facing.  It is also meant to imply that there is an objective to meet, a mission to achieve.  In this case, the mission of this site is to speak about Jesus and who He is and what He offers.  Ever Onward‘s mission is also to talk about God’s Word, the Bible.  Lastly, Ever Onward takes on a more personal meaning as it applies to my own constant spiritual growth and daily walk with Jesus Christ.  It is an ongoing experience.

This is my first time writing on my own blog, so please bear with me as I learn the ropes of managing a website.

I invite your opinions, comments, and suggestions.  If you disagree with me, that’s okay.  Please keep all comments civil.  No profanity or rudeness.


About John C. Hapson

I want to be up front with you, my name is not John C. Hapson.  This is an alias I created for this site.  In no way am I intending to deceive you and pretend to be who I am not.  The opinions, beliefs, thoughts,  and experiences  I express and share here are all still very much my own.  My personal touch here is the same as it would be if I were to write under my real name.  This name that I chose is not random, as each part of it is intentional and is significant to me.  So I do not lie in giving this alias; and for the purposes of Ever Onward, I am John C. Hapson.


About Me

Allow me to set names aside for a moment and tell you not about what I’m  called, but about who I am.  I am a born-again Bible-believing Christian, a former active duty Marine with twelve years of service, a brother, a son, a father to two very rowdy sons that keep me on my toes, and a husband to the best wife I could possibly ask for.

I am a real person with real everyday struggles.  I come from a broken home.  I have lived through joyous times, and I have lived through tragic times.  Sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I fail.  I try to stay positive in most scenarios.  And I like to tell those stupid ‘dad-jokes’ that may only make my wife laugh.  But hey, as long as she’s smiling, that’s what counts.

I will never pretend to be the perfect example.  I am not any kind of notable authority on the things that I will write about, and I definitely don’t ‘know it all.’  Most of my posts will merely be my own opinions or reflections.  However, I do believe in the absolute authority of the Bible and will stand by all it has to say.

With all this said, I invite you into my life and my thoughts.  Thanks for stopping by.


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